Grayson County Schools Receives $20,000 Donation

Last spring a group of parents, business people, and community members approached me about the possibility of upgrading our athletic field at the high school. After several years of neglect, some erosion issues and a generally poor and unsafe playing surface, it was past time to address this need. We discussed some possible plans and how it would be funded. With the division having more needs than the annual budget can handle, we knew we would have to get outside help with the funding. The committee came up with a three way partnership and agreed to meet the next month and report back on both the improvements and the funding. The project to re-grade the playing surface, add an irrigation system and sod the surface with new Bermuda grass was estimated to cost $60,000. The division would put in $20,000, the Board of Supervisors would put in $20,000 and the booster group would put in $20,000.


After getting several bids, Sports Construction Management (SCM) was selected as the general contractor. Their bid reflected donating much of the work. The owner and project manager live in Grayson County but build stadium turfs for colleges and professional teams across the county. Their contributions allowed us to stay on budget and have one of the nicest playing fields in Virginia. The field was completed in time to play the first home football game of the 13-14 season. The surface held up and was in excellent playing shape for the final game in November. Most playing surfaces are torn up and completely dirt or mud in the middle of the field late in the season.

More work  needs to be done at the facility and plans are being made to enhance the stadium, which includes new bleachers, lights, and an athletic building to house practices for several sports teams. I would like to thank the various groups and individuals that made the new field surface possible. It is a testament of what a community can do when we work together for the good of the students.


Chris Anders and Mack Cassell present Superintendent Chalfant with a donation of $20,000 for the high school athletic field